Committed to Excellence


Solomon ICT Center of Excellence (SICOE) is established by Daniel Solomon (PhD), a USA naturalized citizen with Ethiopian background by birth. The founder and his friends who have put hands together with him in  erecting up this company, have been serving in the IT industry for years in the USA and elsewhere in the world.
SICOE came to existence with the purpose of providing integrated system solutions  tp Ethiopia, IGAD countries,, the Middle East, and the rest of the world in the contemporary fast growing software industry. The company focuses on systematizing, modernizing and digitalizing Ethiopia, IGAD countries and the Middle East.
Although, SICOE offers a wide spectrum of services, it predominantly specializes in Software System and Application Development (SSAD), Independent System Verification and Validation (ISVV) and all other skills pertaining to Data Sciences, Business Intelligence and Analytics along with building various services in an attempt to  use data as a row material in the production of salable processed .information., which in turn generates quite significant revenue with both local and hard currencies. 
SICOE is staffed and fenced by very highly educated, cultured and published expertise who have a well proven hands on experience in building sundry sorts of services, systems, and applications in the modern world. They have the opportunity to put hands and brains together with such prolific USA based companies as IBM, Integrated System INC, AllTech,  Technocraft, Dan Technology Consultant and the likes.
SICOE has made quite a number of government and private sector organizations successful, productive and profiting by solving their complex challenges, organizing and automating their individual endeavors, helping improve their efficiency and accuracy while reducing their forcible risks and costs. It has also helped these companies attain their objectives within budget and schedule by introducing novel innovations to meet their needs and satisfactions.
The various organizations that have worked with SICOE expertise here in the USA and elsewhere in the world have become more organized and less complicated.