From PLC to SLC: Reversing our challenges into opportunities

By Daniel Solomon

Of late, Ethiopia, a country once known as the cradle of humanity and the emblematic font of early age civilization, has been thru a serious of political cataclysm and debacle. Give it any reason, despite the eye catching well-grounded progress attained all across the nation, the presidency of peace and the practice of earnest democracy have been far from a conceivable dream.

Shockingly enough, the social enigmas sarcastic to the unity of the country seem to inflate as education widens its scoops and citizens get more opportunity to be enlightenment. The school system has gone too far fabricating more of intellectuals that believe in dichotomizing the nation into parts and pieces than intelligentsias who tend to put it together as is with all of its flying colors, adorable orders, and striking variances and customs.

Today, and ever since the eruption of the 66 Ethiopian revolution, homegrown secondary and tertiary level of studies have always been the triggers causing clashes, conflicts, and combats imperiling citizens to migration, evacuation, torture, and obliteration. Needless to say that some of us are corporeal and living bystanders of this blow.

It goes without saying that, these disingenuously born out social riddles and political jumbles of the country can be addressed by modernizing and/or digitizing it in due time before it is too late to reverse the consequences if otherwise. Modernizing the contemporary man in the modern era is the only way-out towards earnest democracy all over on the face of the earth.

When citizens get well-thought-out, systematized, and modernized, they would be well-run, by the system they put in place than the cores and hearts of the politics which is in and out as time bends. This is so because, law and order would surface out, and this in return would give space for democracy and dignity of man to proliferate. To this end, leaders must be empowered and authorized to make informed decisions on the basis of a very well analyzed and synthesized data.

Hence, archiving the data of every single citizen, alien, diaspora, and any other third party entities across the board, and creating all the capabilities that it takes to generate all sorts of reports, to support the aforementioned decisions, seems to be the roadmap towards modern Ethiopia. In other words, such an effort of systematizing, modernizing and digitalizing the nation not only does bring our vinous political dilemma to an end, but it will also move the country to a system lead country (SLC) from a political lead country (PLC), which it is at this junction of time.

In this regard, Solomon ICT Center of Excellence (SICOE), which is proceeding in Debre Brhan, a springboard of civilization and advancement since its establishment in 1465, has the vision to rewrite history, in deed, by bringing the city back to its fragrance and bouquet of rejuvenation of contemporary technological endeavor. We, fellow brothers and born of Debre Brhan and its outskirts, have already started investing hands and brains to make the city a center of excellence in ICT for Ethiopia, IGAD countries and the Middle East.

A 100,000.00 Million ETB investment is underway in the city. Let’s all help each other and give our country fellow brothers a world more comfortable than today with a stunning future. Let’s work hand in hand and reverse the challenges of the day into an opportunity that will change the gear of the quality of life in the country. Yes, we can do it, if we can think big and do better every day Let’s go doing the job than talking much about it.

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