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This document describes the way in which Incisive is meant to be used in relation to the development of IP components. It does not describe the way in which Incisive is meant to be used during verification of the IP components. This is intended as a guide to end users and is not intended to be a definitive guide. It is important to note that Incisive is evolving and the contents of this document may change. ## Prerequisites * Incisive is written in Python. * The IP component that you wish to use Incisive with must be compatible with the interface defined in the []( repository. ## How to use Incisive This guide describes how to use Incisive during the implementation of an IP component. Incisive does not define a process for dealing with verification problems. The examples in this guide will use the Nios II Pro 200 GPIO module as the IP component. This component can be found [here]( ## Coding with Incisive The implementation of an IP component can be broken down into a number of stages: 1. Generating the system code 2. Generating Incisive files 3. Inserting Incisive files into the existing system code 4. Creating the test benches




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